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In 2008 the Consumer Product Safety Comission initiated the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) through an act of congress, HR4040.  Within the rules are defined products that require 3rd party testing, product requirments, and a list of substances and chemicals that are banned or regulated in the use of certain classes of products.  These rules set a new bar of requirement in terms of product safety and consumer's right of knowledge about what their products are made of and if a recall on a specific product has taken place.  For more information, and to learn about the various rules and products governed please visit www.cpsc.gov.


All products offered through Brighter Promotions are CPSIA compliant, with relevant test papers and General Conformity Certificates being available at our 3rd party test repository company. Visit http://www.coolnoveltyproducts.com to access all GCC's and COC's.


If you have further questions about specific items please direct them to your sales representative or email directly to info@coolnoveltyproducts.com


Where applicable our items come with tracking codes emblazoned on the product. The code typically starts with the item number of your item followed by a 3 digit code that enable us to immediately identify the date and location of assembly.

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